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congratulations to game of the year Trails of Cold Steel 2, originally released for the PS3 and Vita in 2014 but which had a very good PC port come out this year

been reading/listening to some game of the year stuff, and I'm kind of into the various ways that idea can break down these days:

- it's still in early access so arguably isn't out yet (e.g. Hades)
- it's not new this year, but got renewed attention thanks to a new platform (e.g. Hollow Knight)
- only some of it came out this year because it's episodic (e.g. Life Is Strange)
- it's been out for a while, but it's a live service and a game's worth of new 'stuff' happened this year (e.g. Fortnite)

Today I learned about traditional point-size names:

Get ready for my band of bumbling JRPG minibosses: Excelsior, Ruby, Nonpareil, Minion, and Pica

One underappreciated thing about Mastodon is that it’s legitimizing all of those fuckin goofy TLDs that no one likes

In the closing days of 2018, I managed to complete the most difficult of my New Year’s resolutions: watch one movie per month

Twelve films in one year! They said it couldn’t be done

"this ain't it, chief" but to the tune of "It Ain't Me Babe" by Bob Dylan

I'm stubbornly sticking to my spreadsheet (see even though I'm on vacation for the rest of the year, because I'll be goddamned if I give up on it after 360 days

But that means that I'm still supposed to work out and practice guitar now, after traveling all day, and I don't want to

I was all proud that I made a dent in my podcast backlog traveling for Christmas and Waypoint's out here dropping single episodes that are almost three hours long

Story from family Christmas: as a kid, one of my aunts told her parents not to let Santa look at her while she was sleeping. When her brother tried to scare her by saying a monster might come instead, she said she’d “rather have a monster watch me sleep than some MAN”

me when I start wondering if I prefer ii° in first inversion over iv

seems unfair that going on vacation is stressful. does the stress get another chance to mess you up on its way out of your body or something? (is this just a me problem?)

chewy challenge number thirty-two is a little TOO wild if you ask me

consider yourselves busted, all you towel privilege abusers

from a good email that went out to the entire office building, re the gym: "It has been brought to my attention that some have been using 3 towels at a time"

Happy birthday to Phantasy Star, the first JRPG I ever played! I recommend this Twitter thread about its legacy:

Also, the Sega Ages version that recently came out on Switch is really nice! Lots of little quality of life improvements, plus rebalanced currency/XP rates (!) and the FM synth soundtrack that never made it out of Japan (!!). Check it out!

one thing i've seen in subreddits for gacha games is a weekly/monthly thread to collect everyone's luck-based posts, so the community isn't flooded with screenshots of people's SSRs or whatever

just now i saw that the earthbound subreddit has a similar thread, and it's just people saying things like "got a sword of kings"

it's basically the same thing but for some reason it's cracking me up in this context

They should put Adol in Smash, not because that game needs another anime swordsman but because it needs Falcom tunes

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