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I had an entire video game come to me at once on the T. I tried to write down as much of it as I could on my phone. Not sure anyone will want to play it except me but I'm gonna try to make it anyway

retcon arbitrary details of your story without ever giving any payoff for it so that when you need to retcon something for real no one will focus on it

Why does this response from Corey Marshall feel like Achewood dialog

Kaguya-sama chapter 136 

here's another update from me, the guy who watches exactly one movie per month: 20 Feet from Stardom is great

Sean Chiplock tweeting about recording his Trails of Cold Steel 3 lines is giving me life

Also, I'm going to play Zero when the fan translation team is done with it (maybe late summer?), and then roll straight into Ao, and then play CS3 when it comes out in the fall, so I guess I should block out 250 hours or whatever in my schedule. Might as well just mute me now

When I was a teenager I had an idea for a story about some kids hopping through dimensions, but it would be told through a series of video game mods. So maybe the first chapter would be a StarCraft map, and the second would be a Myth level, and the third would be a Civ II scenario, but it would all be one contiguous plot with the same characters appearing throughout. (I’m dating myself here, I guess!)

I never did anything with this idea but I still think it would be cool

I just deleted the entry for app dot net out of my password manager

it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
we gotta get out while we're young
'cause tramps like us

My advice to you this night: don’t listen to Weezer covering No Scrubs

it’s wild that I did nanowrimo a couple of months ago because I don’t feel like I’ve been able to do a single productive thing outside of work so far this year

Guess I should have done that a bit more mindfully because this character looks like garbage. Cheekbones like she’s a squirrel who ate a yield sign

You ever just absentmindedly start a new game of Dragon Age Inquisition at one in the morning

My weather app says today’s low is 15° and tomorrow’s high is 13°. I don’t like that

Several breathless tweets about Trails of Cold Steel III 

Several breathless tweets about Trails of Cold Steel III 

Several breathless tweets about Trails of Cold Steel III 

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