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It's the weekend, so I'm up late rereading something I wrote seven years ago and absentmindedly fixing typos

damn...remember horse_ebooks? haha. happy friday everyone

a promoted tweet i got in my feed, courtesy of someone with six followers

Poking around in Fire Emblem fan communities and seeing some ambivalence about the “anime high school” setting, and meanwhile I’m over here worrying it won’t be anime high school ENOUGH

There better be a festival arc where you need to put on a haunted house

help I designed a baseball card game I think I'm losing control of my life

Update: it wasn’t a good idea after all 🌈

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Got a UI mockup from an artist that uses a bunch of meats in place of the usual lorem ipsum, so there's some text that's just all "ground round sausage frankfurter beef salami" 😂

Sometimes I'm writing something at my desk and it's a little dark because my computer's desktop image is a night scene so I open a blank white browser tab to use as a lamp

I see what you did there, but also: “enemy units,” come on

This is a very funny first line of a game though. I guess!

I played a few hours of Another Eden and I can’t really recommend it. “Worse Chrono Trigger plus gacha” is not a strong pitch

(not really, they're great. but at this very moment...🔪)

we share our office with another studio and they're all in the lunch room making waffles...i hate them

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