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The story isn't done, and I have no intention of finishing it. That wasn't the only bad part of the book. It's not even my favorite nanowrimo novel I've done. I just happened to have an idea for fixing this one spot and went for it, I guess?

I've spent the few days fixing up a bad few scenes in my nanowrimo novel from last year. I did some rewrites, removed most of a chapter, added another few thousand words, and now it's a lot better

I have no idea why I did any of this

podcast complaining 

surprise gift from my past self: a cd/bluray box set of a zelda concert that i guess i imported! i'll watch it in like five hours once i decrypt the bluray and encode an mp4 and import it into plex and download it onto my ipad

producer: *visualizes some data in a useful way*
me: absolutely not

I suspect I got a new Dunkin' employee this morning, because a) he just quietly put everyone's orders in the corner without saying what they were, and b) he put a container of cream cheese in the bag with my egg and cheese sandwich

just ate a whole box of cinnamon altoids, ama

just got a youtube ad with less than a second left in the video 😆 was literally like “all right, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe, byeee—” [ad interruption which I skipped after the 5-second countdown] “—eee.” THE END

I don't really want to be at GDC, but I _would_ like to take a week off

There's probably a take in here somewhere about how we tend to reserve our creative efforts for public consumption, either by monetizing our hobbies or providing grist for the social media mill, instead of turning them inwards…but instead of writing that take I'm going to write a short story that none of you will ever see so I can enjoy it in three months when I forget what it says

I've always known this about music—you can learn a song so that you get to listen to it when you play it, the way that people did before recorded music. But I never thought of writing a story for myself in that same way

I guess I'm having this realization late, but it's occurred to me that you can just write stuff for yourself to read for fun later on

Daylight Saving weekend is one of the best weekends of the year. Anyone who prefers one hour of weekend sleeping over months of extra PM sunlight is a cop

Undertale is the video game adaptation of Sesame Street's The Monster at the End of This Book

(If you aren't into music theory: this is a meaningless insight. Just imagine I counted the number of lowercase g's on every page of a short story and determined that page 12 had the most)

I was trying to find the song with the earliest modulation the other day, because that's a normal thing for me to do. Aretha's Think is right about at the one-minute mark, this song Dosei Shounen by Polta does it at 0:45…but today I had Pet Sounds on and Wouldn't It Be Nice modulates after like seven seconds. So that's probably game over

Feels like I’m doing a good deed when I shop on itchio

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