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oh wow I was not expecting the corporations to try to ruin that for me so quickly

I still think "it's gonna be May" is funny

Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it

me: aw jeez there are TWENTY-TWO movies in the MCU? I guess I missed that boat, I'm never going to catch up

also me: has spent enough time just with Trails of Cold Steel to watch every MCU film three or four times

(Incidentally, it's weird how much my feelings about this stuff have changed; 10-15 years ago, putting photos of friends and family online was the only kind of social media behavior anyone I knew had)

Saint Lucia was nice:

I went for a wedding and I didn't want to put up photos of that, so y'all get some touristy shots instead

I wonder if we'll all survive long enough for the 20th anniversary of Auto-Tune the News

a weird feeling: reading game studio crunch exposes while out sick from work at a game studio

today I learned that dril has a hell of a wikipedia page

Also, there's an English translation of an interview from late last year

Ichiko Aoba is playing a few dates in Europe (!)

If she ever adds even a single US date—even one in, like, Hawaii—I will drop everything to go

I could probably put away the latter two as well since I haven’t touched them in forever now, but they aren’t taking up much space. Maybe I’ll suddenly up and finish Fire Emblem Echoes one day

Console report: Put away the Wii U and NES/SNES Classics. Still hooked up/easily accessible: Switch, PS4, 3DS, Vita

"can i get a hell yeah"
"i don't know, can you?"
"*sigh* MAY i get a hell yeah"

headline suggestion for when the strike ends: stop & shop shops stop shop stop

luckily I've still got some time before I'm obligated to play this

I just got back from a trip, there is only one grocery store convenient to me, and the workers there are on strike, so it’s officially burger time

occurs to me now that Baba Is You probably can't be translated into a bunch of languages

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