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Fishing? Obviously. Meeting people for lunch? Yes please. A greenhouse? Sure, why not

Every Fire Emblem reveal comes with another half dozen nonsense RPG features and I couldn’t be happier

This might be the wildest slide I've ever seen in my life

Everyone seems appropriately contrite and everything, but…y'all, I expected better from Panic

I feel like loads of songs use a II or III chord without it behaving like a secondary dominant, but the only one I can think of that uses a VI is Heart of Glass. There's gotta be more, right?

Sometimes, if I'm up too late or otherwise indisposed, I make some notes about the journal entry I want to write and then actually pen it the next day. One such note from yesterday is "thought about turning my life around but then didn't"

i heard someone refer to a "wint tweet" tonight. who calls him wint??

I had to take a bunch of literature courses for my college English degree, and I somehow got the idea that it would be fun to take courses focusing on individual authors. I took four: Chaucer, Joyce, Philip Roth, and Toni Morrison. An unusual set!

Morrison was my favorite of those classes, though. I keep meaning to go catch up on the two or three novels she's put out since I took it

God, I hope this means she just smashes the MFA loaner instruments on stage at the end of her last gig

My seats…were not great. But she was!

This photo of Rhiannon Giddens at Symphony Hall brought to you by yelling ENHANCE at my phone fifty times

there's a big water main break almost directly outside my office commute plan 🏄

This Crank-Based Handheld Is The Hardware Project Soulja Boy Was Looking For All Along

today we got an epilepsy warning for a portion of the office

seems weird to wish people a HAPPY world goth day

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