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i think i disagree about one of the chords she picked, but it's quarter to two in the morning so my ears aren't very sharp. stay tuned, maybe, if i remember to come back to this later!

the vocal harmony works for me—it calls back to the intro tracks on aoba's last two albums. i almost wish it was _just_ vocals; even the sparse instrumentation here feels overbearing to me (though i suppose anything would feel that way when the original artist's bread and butter is solo classical guitar and a single vocal track)

I don't know about you, but nothing would make me happier than to buy flowers to celebrate for 200 G

the only reason i'm still wearing these is because so far i've been lazy to take the new shoes i got out of the box so maybe this is a blessing in disguise

she's a rich girl
she don't try to hide it
asphalt on the soles of her shoes

i walked through some asphalt that wasn't quite dry on the way to work and it feels like my shoes have armor now

love this Brad Mehldau-ass jazz piano version of Kakariko Village from Cadence of Hyrule

There’s a shoe store closing at the mall in a few days, so almost all the stock is gone and it’s a great opportunity to see the least desirable shoes in the world. Only the truly awful ones are left now. Just absolute disasters

I watched a Japanese reaction video to the Nintendo Direct even though I don't actually know much Japanese. I could pick up a few things though!

The person watching didn't recognize The Witcher and called Geralt "shibui ojisan" when he came on screen. I had to look up "shibui," but…dang, she really had him pegged at first glance

"Hey everyone, welcome back to my Path of Radiance walkthrough. So for this level here, you're gonna want to bring all of your cavalry units and put them in the rear of your formation—"

One good thing about Mastodon is that I don’t feel even a little bad about making a post with a bunch of inscrutable acronyms and proper nouns on a topic no one cares about but me

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