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having an end-of-Usual-Suspects moment right now where I realize that the memories I have of binging on some favorite media while “sick” may have actually been me making myself feel sick because of the binging

minor mechanical spoiler for an early battle in Fire Emblem Three Houses 

really, if I get ready for bed now instead of staying up and playing video games, then I should be allowed to stay up playing video games AFTER I get ready for bed. that's just math

my phone: beep beep beep
me: well i didn't set an alarm for right now but go off i guess

“we billed this city for rock and roll” – when your music festival gets a subsidy

This game is great though. Somehow it feels kind of like the Legend of Korra to Trails in the Sky’s Avatar

In other words, every time the plot advances there are 200+ people with new dialog. One random person might have a hidden quest for you, or a recipe, or a collectible. This series is kind of monstrous for completionists

I was curious how many NPCs there were to talk to at my current spot in Zero, so I downloaded a tally counter app to my phone and kept track. I gave up at 200

I don't think I would ever want this promoted tweet in my life but I especially don't want it when it's almost midnight and the heat index is still hovering around 100 degrees

I just put the pieces together re where one of the subplots is going in Zero and I know it's going to fuck me up in like 15 hours. GOD

shit I posted about something besides falcom by accident, my bad

Also part of my acceptance speech was about how capitalism is bad? People liked it though. Privately. And probably not everyone 😂

Yesterday I had my little ten-year celebration at work. The five-year award is a glass sphere about the size of a softball, and the ten-year is a bowling ball. (Harmonix’s logo is a shiny blue circle.)

Fifteen has historically been a disco ball, although I hear they might not have a supplier anymore for blue ones. Twenty is a big inflatable ball that you can get inside. God help you if you’re there longer than that and need something larger

Big question for the weekend is whether my apartment will be uninhabitably hot

I love how the ONLY response I've seen to CS3 getting delayed a month is "ok yeah that's fine"

I bet there are a lot of people in my boat who a) held off on Crossbell while waiting to see how Geofront's Zero fan translation would go; b) started the existing Zero translation in a panic when they realized they were running out of time; and c) are probably gonna play Fire Emblem when that comes out

Zero is really good so far. I wish the translation was better, but it’s not bad enough to impede understanding like the Nayuta fan translation

I have 10+ of experience making music games, call me and I will consult for free

This post brought to you by me luxuriating in the Zero prologue, where I’ve played for three and a half hours with maybe 20 minutes of combat so far

Trails games do start slow, but I would never frame that as “it gets good after x hours” or “the _real_ game doesn’t start until you get to y.” That slow stuff _is_ the real game—you’re still gonna be buried in NPC dialogue thirty hours in.

It’d be like recommending Animal Crossing by saying “it starts slow, but once you get the fishing rod and the shovel it really picks up”: technically true, but if someone isn’t bought in on the relaxed pacing anyway they’re probably playing the wrong series.

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