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gross detail about my cold! 

anyone else look at the pax east dates and think "oh thank god, they decided to make it a day shorter" before realizing 2020 is a leap year

regarding the song you thought of just now: is it ABOUT rainbows, or does it just have a rainbow in it

are there really THAT many songs about rainbows though

trying to figure out exactly how much mess i can excuse with "sorry it's messy in here" tomorrow

it's funny that Twitter doesn't know what shipping is (in the fandom sense), but I can't help think that saying "I ship that!" about anything you like is a great way to get back at some kid for calling you a boomer

Also this happened so unfortunately I think the fan translators need to be put in jail

(There were more "we expect you to lose but you _can_ win" battles than usual in this game, though I at least identified that was happening in the other cases)

A funny thing that happened after I finished: I looked up if there was anything big I missed, and one thing was that I mistook a very difficult boss battle for an unwinnable boss battle 😂

After getting their HP down a bit, they went into "now I'm serious" mode. My next attack after that did 0 damage, and _their_ next attack one-shotted my entire party. That led into a cutscene so I assumed it was a scripted moment, but nope, you can win! Somehow…

Finished Ao no Kiseki last night! I'm a little 😒 at some of the ending/epilogue stuff, but overall it may be my favorite game in the series.

Maybe now that I'm free I can finish Sayonara Wild Hearts, or Untitled Goose Game, or try the Link's Awak—whoops, my finger slipped and I picked up the divertissement chapter in CS2

Actually, no, I do have another thing to post about: I just got a demo for Shenmue 3 for being a Kickstarter backer, and while I'm not going to play it right now I opened the manual just to make sure it's a video game. Happy to confirm that it is:

One of the things I didn't like about Cold Steel 2 is that it spreads too little plot over too much time (which is really saying something for this series); the end of Ao feels kind of like all of CS2 as a single chapter and it works so much better

I bet y'all are just as excited for me to finish Ao no Kiseki as I am so that I'll post about literally anything else

But I haven't yet, and: the last chapter is real good y'all

me: dang it’s hard keeping up on all these podcasts i’ve subscribed to

john roderick: who cares about voter suppression anyway

me: ah…problem solved

I’m about to drink a Starbucks dude’s first ever hot chocolate

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