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according to this trash bin, the spongebob musical is “brilliant” but there is—rather conspicuously—nothing to be said about rent

Anyway, not far enough in to say much yet, but I'm sure I'll have an interminable spoiler-marked thread on here soon enough

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I love the audacity of showing off literally fifty characters in the opening cinematic. I'd already seen it in the demo but I watched it again because it's so great

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Cold Steel 3 is here a day early, see you all in 80 hours or whatever

my work email spam is so much better than my personal email spam

hello and welcome to: ANIME CORNER

I’m glad Kaguya-sama is getting another season! I’m already trying to figure out where they ought to leave off in the manga. A hypothetical season 3 would have an obvious spot, at least!

It seems like there are a lot of sequel seasons next year, mainly for stuff I don’t watch, but I’m excited for more Laid-Back Camp and Non Non Biyori. I mostly want shows where as little as possible is happening, I guess. 🤷‍♂️

this has been: ANIME CORNER

I wore my big winter coat because it's super windy and this thing is like a brick wall, but it's not nearly cold enough to justify it. I probably need something between hoodies/light fleeces and this

alternate universe where instead of “i can has cheezburger”-type stuff we had a generation of memes where every cat spoke like miette

apropos of nothing, it seems there’s a thing going around twitter right now where folks are answering “People on Twitter automatically associate you with one game, which game is it?”

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reading CS3 reviews with the intensity of a gambler watching a horse race

Looking through some of my old NaNoWriMo stuff in preparation for next month and realizing that i have a plot twist almost identical to a Trails game here (from before I played any of them)

Also realizing that I'm going to vanish into a Cold Steel 3-shaped black hole next week, so NaNoWriMo will probably be difficult this year

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yikes, I was already annoyed with the shtick in dril's tv show before the trailer was over

when you prefer one thing to another but you can't figure out which meme template to express that preference with

I'm almost mad at how great this Mario and Sonic Olympics game sounds. I thought that one would just be a bye and I wouldn't have to think about it!!

the most confounding mystery in all of skyrim: how the hell does this waterway work

You know, I'm not sure this is really an overwhelming endorsement

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