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I finished Cold Steel 3! It's good. It's my favorite of this arc and in the top three for the whole series. It is also one of the longest games I've ever played; I was just about at 100 hours when the credits rolled

me: I hope the folks running social media for Pokemon are doing all right

the folks running social media for Pokemon:

I haven't checked my email yet this month.

I have a character named Wren in my NaNoWriMo novel and I just wrote the sentence "Wren swallowed" and then laughed for thirty seconds about birds

tired: "this place is creepy"
wired: "the higher elements are active here"

I don’t know about all of you, but my favorite “strand game” is supporting my local independent bookstore

Cultural thing that has evolved on my team's Slack at work: when someone mentions that they're out sick, people slap a 🍵 emoji reaction on their message. I've done five 🍵s so far today, getting a little worried...

I don't think I've ever felt the amount of dread at a video game cutscene as I just did when the PS4's "recording is temporarily disabled" thing popped for the first time in 60+ hours

I thought the cold, or whatever it is I have, was getting worse as the day wore on, but now it occurs to me that maybe it's a caffeine withdrawal headache…

10,002. I've hit my word count every day except one, where I had plans and couldn't write. Today was a good day—got ~1700 words in an hour and a half and it felt like I barely had to think about it! If I were smart I'd keep going and catch up, but I got video games to play here

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I tell you what: nothing motivates you to hit your wordcount quite like a billion-hour JRPG you're trying to get back to

just saying, it seems like no one bates anything these days except for their breath

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have y'all gotten anything in edgewise lately aside from a word

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when the last time anything was frightful besides the weather outside

"Oh you like Dragon Age 2? Well let me tell you about this other game that's primarily focused on a single city and the political intrigue/factional entanglements contained therein"

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Oh whoa, saw on Twitter that the first Dragon Age is ten years old today. Wild! Time was, that was the RPG franchise no one could get me to shut up about

Lots of people think "Christ, what an asshole" is the universal New Yorker cartoon caption, but this is a common misconception. The actual universal caption is "Khajiit has wares if you have coin"

3,336. I often have trouble when I don't have a nice uninterrupted block of time, but I managed to fit my words in around doing laundry today. Still don't know what kind of story this will be! So far it's about…going on vacation? Seems a bit on the nose, but hey

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1,720. We're going full seat of the pants this year, zero planning.

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