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home may be where the heart is, but it's also where you see top tweets first

In retrospect it makes sense that XSEED needed a couple of games to get to the voice they wanted, but I'm impressed that I overwrote my memory of the beginning of the series like that!

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This is not a sentence any human would ever say, for example:

I played a bit more Trails in the Sky FC tonight—as you do when it's Christmas Eve and you only have like 300 hours of Trails under your belt so far this year—and this time through I'm noticing that the localization may stand out a bit _too_ much. It's like it had an extra pass by someone with a new thesaurus and a lot of opinions about punctuation

damn…looks like this game truly reinvents what it means to hug

Vita: Resound, resound, O voice everlasting; rend night's silent veil and reveal unto all the beautiful world

me: witch Twitch

I swear the Windows partition on my Mac is haunted. Sometimes there’s no audio. Sometimes the first app I launch silently crashes halfway through loading (doesn’t seem to matter which app). Sometimes it takes like ten minutes for it to become responsive on boot. Sometimes the internet slows to a few kb/sec for an hour at a time. Sometimes a new shortcut to Notepad appears for no reason

I’m not even suggesting this gloss is inaccurate, I just respect the unbelievable level of scrutiny. Tell me what all interview subjects are doing with their tongues at all times

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me: ah, a video featuring the guqin. what a neat instrument. i'll check it ou—

youtube: oh, so you like the guqin now? you like it to the exclusion of everything else you've ever liked? i bet you do. let me just update your recommendations

they also announced a new game but I didn't look too closely at the screenshots for fear of spoilers

(don't mind me i'm just looking at someone's sneaky phone pics of a shareholder meeting in a hotel conference room or whatever in japan)

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oh nice! maybe the official localization dream isn't dead yet…

This is still my favorite art placement at any museum

I knew this was coming…just…show me the preorder page and let's get this over with

You know…for all the complaints I've heard about it, I wish there were more PC cases that looked as unremarkable as the new Xbox. A plain monolith-looking thing is far preferable to pretty much all of the Winamp-skin-ass nonsense I usually see

I idly scrolled through Wikipedia's various "[year] in video gaming" articles to see what kind of stuff would go on a games of the decade list, if I had to make one, and caught multiple errors just on games that I've worked on. (Real curious how Rock Band 4 for Wii U would have turned out…) Maybe this isn't the best source to use!

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