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I was stopped on the street by a group of at least 15 tourists who wanted to know if there was “a mall—like, any mall” nearby. Unfortunately, there was not

discovered a top tier self-own: reading my own writing to put myself to sleep

I wonder if there are any cosplayers at the Nier Automata concert who are committed enough to sit through the whole show blindfolded

Please, call me Rich. Richard Presence is my father

any video game that shows you vital stats about its characters—height, weight, age, birthday, blood type, etc.—must by law include at least one stat that is "secret" or "unknown"

my dad, at a bookstore: hey do you have The British are Coming by Rick Atkinson

the bookstore employee, revealing her RP accent: some might say we're _already here_

I post a lot about Falcom games because it's more fun, but the truth is that lately I've been playing Forza Horizon. I don't know/care enough about cars to ever be a superfan, but man is it good

It is hard for me to imagine a less useful recommendation engine than Steam's

Watching Monster Factory before bed meant that I reflexively blamed Todd Howard for how cold it was when I woke up


My dentist sent me a check for $25 and a bill for $26.80 at the same time

woke up with a fever the day after seeing this so maybe I do not like the cursed mirror after all

this thing definitely reflects magic damage back at the attacker

I think this makes four new songs already this year (!)

Last two albums were 2016 and 2018, so…it's not out of the question…

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