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brainworm I haven't been able to get rid of for like a year and a half now: Brian David Gilbert saying "gooooood fiction" at 5:42

I’m basically just holding my breath until Animal Crossing comes out at this point

tomorrow is the last day of the season where I'll have to come home from work in the dark ☺️

I only just now put together that people have been buying up staples at the supermarket and that's why I haven't been able to get any soup during my past two visits

Shoutout to the guy I played Animal Crossing with at PAX who was interested in Trails, and who, when I said "If you have a spare 500 hours I recommend it," replied "ah, well, I play Final Fantasy XIV"

This is the set of emoji responses that lets me know I've made a good design proposal

today I was hanging out near Nintendo’s PAX booth and an employee asked us to move so that Isabelle could come through, and everyone immediately whipped their phone cameras out like a crowd of paparazzi

sometimes I use this portable battery when I’m traveling, and sometimes I use it when I’m in bed and I want to use my tablet but I forgot to charge it and it’s too inconvenient to be on the side of the bed that would let me be close enough to the outlet so I can use it while it’s plugged in

what if movie commercials were more like soda commercials, and instead of showing footage they implied how cool and popular you would be if you went to see it

Even without a badge or gamer t-shirt I feel like I can spot a PAX-goer on the T with 90% accuracy

Ao no Kiseki/Trails of Cold Steel III spoilers 

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Trying to do transcription while listening to AirPods because this headphone cord isn't long enough to handle me holding my guitar at my computer, but there isn't enough low end so I'm bringing the song into Audacity so I can raise the pitch high enough to tell what the bass is doing. Cool setup I've forced myself into here

Won't spam y'all with links but you can read about it on IGN, Polygon, etc.

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The game I've been working on, Fuser, was announced this morning! Here's the reveal trailer:

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