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What's the biggest serving size lie in the whole world of food? I think it's the idea that a frozen Ellio's pizza is three slices. Fuck outta here with that. That perforation is vestigial

Also wonder what “network with peers” means in this context. I hope it’s a 10,000-person Zoom call

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Wonder how many $299 conference passes GDC sells for an all-digital event

I'm working on a new section of my website that was initially inspired by seeing a bunch of folks' "personal wikis" and "digital gardens" and the like, but which is evolving into "a regular-ass website"

It's weird how refreshing it feels to just make some pages and subpages that aren't part of a blog

if you buy an e-gift card from the craft store Michaels, they give you an opportunity to attach a 20-second audio message using a Flash plugin

imagine if: the "hot pockets" jingle were instead for the retail establishment "hot topic"

sorry that's all i got right now

an extremely Massachusetts COVID-19 headline I just saw 

‘We have a lot of work ahead of us’: how the coronavirus has affected Dunkin’

You ever just watch two hours of talks about how to architect Unity games around ScriptableObjects

Somehow it feels like I spent 10% of every day plugging various things in to be charged

grateful that I managed to acquire two of the most in-demand items this week: a 48-pack of toilet paper and a table in Animal Crossing

wfh standards have relaxed to the point where not only am I not folding my shirts, I’m also leaving the unfolded shirts in view of my Zoom calls

at least the shirts are draped nicely over the couch so they aren’t wrinkled

Lots of folks are picking up new kitchen skills while quarantined. For example, I learned to microwave a bowl of ice cream for a few seconds so that it's a little meltier and easier to spoon up

Decided to try out the Trails in the Sky mod that adds voice acting from the Evolution rerelease (it's great!) and also decided I would take notes as I played…I met 36 named NPCs before even starting the tutorial quest

My grocery shopping is growing increasingly chaotic. Today I bought a bag of Twizzlers, which is a candy I think is fine but is not an especial favorite, just because I saw it and instinctively thought “I don’t have any of those”

Reading a local news story whose lede begins with “As if we didn’t all already have enough on our plates,” and…just copy-paste that into everything you file for the rest of the year, honestly

game idea: a group of people has sixty seconds to find the most ludicrous premise for a youtube asmr video, one rotating person judges

I encountered the name “Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown” in the book I’m reading tonight and I can already tell it’s going to haunt me for weeks

"No politics, just strategy and modern global warfare." – Twitter ad for some game

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