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I would literally be more convinced my bank was doing something if they did not email me at all

i could swear unreal just asks for all of your RAM on launch, no matter how much you have or how much it needs

My heater just kicked on 👀 I suspect this will be the last time this season—the low tonight is in the 50s and there are no more nights like that in the forecast—but still, mid-June is later than I'm used to…

dang she just put half of her studio albums up on youtube


I don't understand why but basically all I want to eat while stuck at home is eggs. I used to eat eggs maybe like…once a month? Once every two months? Now I'm eating eggs like three or four times a week. I wonder if my body is trying to plug some hole in my quarantine diet

“Enjoy the internet,” says my new router after its setup process is complete. I’ll try, little buddy

saw someone on Reddit call Myst a walking sim

there are only a couple so far, the best ones are:
- this wip ichiko aoba fanpage
- this list of cool words

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i made a new section on my site called 'notes' which is basically just "stuff that i think is cool and want to put on the internet," inspired by the pre-blog era of personal sites

This is a dumb time to have to care about video game development

“one hates to see it” – me just now, on the vanguard of language apparently

yes, youtube, I did indeed watch and enjoy that sudoku video that been going around, but that does not mean I need another dozen of them…

What's the biggest serving size lie in the whole world of food? I think it's the idea that a frozen Ellio's pizza is three slices. Fuck outta here with that. That perforation is vestigial

Also wonder what “network with peers” means in this context. I hope it’s a 10,000-person Zoom call

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Wonder how many $299 conference passes GDC sells for an all-digital event

I'm working on a new section of my website that was initially inspired by seeing a bunch of folks' "personal wikis" and "digital gardens" and the like, but which is evolving into "a regular-ass website"

It's weird how refreshing it feels to just make some pages and subpages that aren't part of a blog

if you buy an e-gift card from the craft store Michaels, they give you an opportunity to attach a 20-second audio message using a Flash plugin

imagine if: the "hot pockets" jingle were instead for the retail establishment "hot topic"

sorry that's all i got right now

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