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pomodoro-style scheduling enforced by everyone making free zoom calls that are 40 minutes max

great mixed idiom I heard on a work call today: “it really grinds my goat”

I like when I order something from Japan and its path across the map in my delivery tracker looks like a bouncing karaoke dot

looking forward to writing a self evaluation for work about the past 18 months when my memory isn’t even reliable at 18 hours these days

Just had the worst nap of the year. Accidental, too long, bad timing (over dinner!), woke up feeling hot and groggy with a bad headache and a painfully clenched jaw. Just abysmal all around

Podcast idea: every week you ape the style and structure of a randomly chosen other podcast, but without doing any research about the content

The other big one is this tune in 5 that plays at your home base, which perhaps gets a bit TOO triumphant for just navigating menus and mixing potions but is still good

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I like a lot about Atelier Ryza but one thing I didn't expect is that I spend most of my playtime listening to jams in odd time signatures

In particular, the random encounter theme is in 7 and whips ass

Looking at a keyboards chat and thinking “I bet I’ve bought more video game consoles than keyboards in my life,” and then further narrowing it to “I bet I’ve bought more _Nintendo DSes_ than keyboards in my life”

I think I'm gonna finish Desert Golfing this month, maybe even this week. A definite GotP runner-up, after Animal Crossing

can't be fucked getting a screenshot off my switch right now so just imagine that there's a picture of a girl standing in midair here and it's subtitled "ryza skywalker"

I'm looking forward to August because that's when Hobonichi typically starts revealing their new stationery products for next year, and since I'm basically a Normal type villager from Animal Crossing that's the kind of thing I get excited about

Just caught myself replacing my scare quotes with single instead of double quotation marks because they seemed milder somehow

Just finished my replay of Trails in the Sky where I a) attempted to see all of the dialog in the game, and b) took notes as I played to better keep track of the more complex plot stuff and the NPC side stories. That made this run 15-20 hours longer than my original playthrough years ago. (I can't tell exactly because the turbo mode they've added speeds up the game clock.)

Also: my notes documents total almost 15,000 words. I feel like I should be getting college credit for this!

to whoever has to write the patch notes for this transit app during a pandemic while also staying lighthearted and jokey to maintain the brand voice: i hope you’re doing okay bud

patch notes for my text editor say that markdown files now open "up to 350 times faster"

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