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late update: i heard this again on a podcast!!! what is this world coming to eh

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having some pumpkin pie in celebration of noticing that there was pumpkin pie for sale at the supermarket today

"good mouth tonight," i said out loud to my empty apartment

to whatever degree this kind of pedantic hair-splitting is interesting: I don't think "the game of the year" can be anything other than Animal Crossing, which basically defined my life for months and is inextricably linked with how I think about 2020, but Hades might be the _best_ game I've played this year

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Spelunky 2 seems fine, but it doesn't have anything like the magnetic pull of Hades for me and I put it down after a half hour or so. Supergiant has become too powerful

even though my games and music blog has been offline for like a decade I still get ideas for it. I guess I could just post those on my normal blog!

Right now is the first time I’ve felt rain in six months. Maybe all year

also there was one song where i was like "what is this?? is this new? it almost sounds familiar but i don't—" and then it turned out to be from ponyo

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solidarity with the fans in japan who couldn't watch because it was too choppy…if i were better at using youtube-dl maybe i could have slurped down the video too…

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you KNOW i got up early to watch a prerecorded ichiko aoba performance get streamed from the uk and sicced audio hijack on it

it's neat that i last played OG minecraft in 2010 but was able to just migrate that purchase over a whole ass decade later

I think Super Mario Sunshine gets the Most Improved superlative for this collection, but that still only brings it from "very distant third" up to "distant third"

Today I finally went back and beat my first ever video game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, thirty-ish years after I first played it. It was too hard for me as a little kid so must of it was new to me, but honestly even the beginning of that game has some hot garbage in it and I'm surprised it didn't put me off of the medium for life

video game where you run an inn and every time the heroes stay there you need to give them medical treatment overnight because they think going to sleep should be enough to heal physical trauma for some reason

"I usually bathe in a bathtub, put a keyboard at the entrance of the bathroom, and when it feels hot, I go up and touch the keyboard."

XSEED is having a sale as they clear out their warehouse, so I bought the Trails merch…and they also shipped me an equal number of other random things that I guess they're just trying to get rid of. I now have two soundtracks, a stuffed animal and a pin, all from games I've never played

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