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When I was a kid my mom would always make me wear a "nice shirt" to the family Christmas party (which really just meant a rugby shirt, or something else with a collar). That was the only time all year I wore a shirt like that. It was also the only time all year I saw most of my relatives so they all thought that's just how I dressed—and so whenever we did a gift exchange, I would get the kind of clothes that I only wore to the family Christmas party

Apparently on that day I unlocked terraforming, redid my entire island, built an orchard, and finished collecting the cherry blossom recipe set. I also didn't eat lunch

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The Nintendo year in review thing said my most active day was April 4, so I flipped back to that page in my journal. "I played Animal Crossing pretty much all day," it says 😂

time to be honest with myself and ditch a couple more of these podcasts that i'm not going to find time for without a commute

update: it didn’t work and I had to send a text message :((((

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hmm my heat and hot water are out. maybe if I do nothing they’ll magically be restored in the morning and I won’t have to talk to anyone

an RPG where gaining XP is the smoking gun that reveals someone’s secret activities, in the manner of lipstick on a collar or alcohol on the breath

Cold Steel 4 

@darius I finished! I probably need to collect my thoughts more, but my initial response is that this one had a lot of my favorite stuff in the CS games but also almost all of my least favorite stuff

finally fixed my rss feed that was broken for like nine months hahah

never has a forecast of a foot-ish of snow had less impact on my life than this one right now

Cold Steel 4 may be the longest 'linear' game I've ever played (i.e. not an open-world thing like Skyrim, and not a never-ending thing like Animal Crossing). I _think_ I'm at the final dungeon now (which will itself be long, if the rest of the series is any indication) and I'm past 120 hours

i want to send in my joycons to get the drift fixed, but i also don't want to be without joycons…i guess i could buy another pair to use while they're out being repaired but then it feels like i've given in somehow, hah

after 20+ years of playing guitar maybe it's time i actually get any good at using a pick

Sometimes I just get a basically random thing out of the library, and tonight I just finished What It's Like to Be a Bird. It read like a bunch of factoids from zoo signs stapled together. A+ book

I’m too bald to do the thing where I forget if I washed my hair in the shower anymore, but at least I can get the same experience by forgetting if I launched Unreal

2020 thought: what if, instead of doing something about the dust accumulating over there, i just kind of walk around that area with socks on before i put them in the laundry

the Bioware take that no one asked for today: the fictional setting of the Dragon Age series is Thedas and the demonym is “Thedosian” and that feels overly fussy to me, I feel they would probably use “Thedan” or something

it's distressingly rare for me to have a task to complete or a bug to fix these days at work. everything seems to turn into a giant morass of video calls or slack threads or whatever, and even when it's 'productive' it never feels that way

every morning I take this ball of laundry and move it from my futon to my bed so that it doesn’t show up in zoom calls at work, and then every night I move the same ball of laundry from my bed back to my futon so that I have room to sleep

polta and ayano kaneko aren’t even similar artists so i hope no one takes those as recommendations hahah

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