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I was lucky enough to see an opportunity to buy a 3080 today, so I did it and now I have to build a whole-ass computer to go with it

shoutout to the place in my neighborhood that left the "it's tax time" sign up for an entire year until it became accurate again. i bet they don't change the clocks for dst either

I wish I could make them stop, but the marketers pass around my address faster than I can unsubscribe to their stuff. Also it never gets flagged as spam because it’s technically not—they’re all legit mailing lists, just ones that I don’t care about…

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Many years ago a doctor accidentally used my address when signing up for a hospital-related mailing list, and I’ve been getting emails about random medical shit ever since: Invites to conferences, webinar announcements, and sometimes even exciting new products

I would love know what the conversations were like around this setting. How’d they land on the threshold? Did anyone argue for keeping it on by default?

Maybe the wildest thing about Tim Rogers' six-hour video on Tokimeki Memorial, which I've just finished after chipping away at it all month, is that I wish he had gone deeper on some things

I came across a reference to a movie I hadn’t seen in the book I’m reading, and decided to put it down immediately and watch the movie. Imagine if you always did that, every time one piece of media referenced another

almost fell asleep but then I randomly thought about the “fuck him up socrates” tweet and started laughing in bed

i tell you what: i would have already forgotten about "bean dad" fifty times over if it wasn't for the lack of the long winters song in mbmbam

update: i installed their fucking thing on windows and turned off the lights there, and it seems like it sticks even if i switch OSes! crisis averted, i hope

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the manual says i can install their app to support "custom lighting effects," but it's 300mb and wants to control my keyboard and it smells like spyware and the extension is not updated for macos anyway

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i have replaced my broken headphones with a headset for Gamers, and it has some random-ass lights that it cycles through constantly…thanks video games

my headphones basically just rotted off of my head as i wore them today and are now in pieces on the table…

via Simon Carless on Twitter, this company GamerSpeak (which has a team of "Gamefluencers" that help "unlock revenue opportunities" 🙄) has some wild anecdotes about mobile game whales that the cofounder knows on its about page:

"We had hundreds of players spending over $50,000 monthly"

"we had two princes from Jordan spending $5,000+ daily" (!)

"He spent millions of dollars to win the most competitive event for 6 consecutive months" (!!!)

Been learning Godot lately (the game engine). Today I made an incredible monstrosity out of substrings and coroutines and BBCode tags to do the one-character-at-a-time thing you see in RPG and VN dialog boxes, and then learned that there's a built-in visible_characters property I could have been reading to do the whole thing in like three lines of code 🙃

One of the most mystifying Apple design choices I've seen: you can block email addresses in Mail, but the default behavior is that nothing changes except that a little 🚫 icon appears on their messages. If you want it to actually block people when you block them (…), you have to turn that on in Settings

in retrospect, I blew my "stress eat an entire delivery pizza" day early this week

me, meeting any celebrity: I remember loving your content

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