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I appreciate Control letting me just turn on immortality in the options menu because I do not have the patience to get good at a video game right now

i typoed "how long to beat" as "how long to eat" and i have a new website idea

the best part about this is that I never actually played a rocket league match—I was just testing out how they handled various cross-platform things

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I got new slippers and when I put my feet together they make a bear

Success! Man, this thing is a monster. I ran FH4 and it was like it didn't notice—I don't think the fans did anything more than when it's idling. Maybe it's time I tried Flight Simulator!

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I look forward to asking you all to “smash that bell” at the end of each of my posts

giving yourself permission to skimp on self care as an act of self care

parts for said whole-ass computer have been coming in all week (i'm sure as hell not going out to microcenter). if things stay on schedule i have four more boxes to go over the next three days, and then hopefully i'll be ready to put it together on saturday!

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my parents just rushed me off the phone so they could go watch All Creatures Great and Small 😆

i had a dream about going to washington park in portland 👀 i imagine xoxo is probably out of the picture again this year, but whenever it's safe to travel again i still want to go back out there

I was lucky enough to see an opportunity to buy a 3080 today, so I did it and now I have to build a whole-ass computer to go with it

shoutout to the place in my neighborhood that left the "it's tax time" sign up for an entire year until it became accurate again. i bet they don't change the clocks for dst either

I wish I could make them stop, but the marketers pass around my address faster than I can unsubscribe to their stuff. Also it never gets flagged as spam because it’s technically not—they’re all legit mailing lists, just ones that I don’t care about…

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Many years ago a doctor accidentally used my address when signing up for a hospital-related mailing list, and I’ve been getting emails about random medical shit ever since: Invites to conferences, webinar announcements, and sometimes even exciting new products

I would love know what the conversations were like around this setting. How’d they land on the threshold? Did anyone argue for keeping it on by default?

Maybe the wildest thing about Tim Rogers' six-hour video on Tokimeki Memorial, which I've just finished after chipping away at it all month, is that I wish he had gone deeper on some things

I came across a reference to a movie I hadn’t seen in the book I’m reading, and decided to put it down immediately and watch the movie. Imagine if you always did that, every time one piece of media referenced another

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