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you ever have a week that effectively undoes a vacation immediately

anyway i took a third option, which was to find someone covering the song on youtube and watch their hands. it was a 7sus4b9

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was trying to transcribe some harmony and couldn't place one of the chords, and then thought "this is definitely the same chord as that other song a few months ago last time i got stuck like this" and i had to run the mental calculus of whether it would be faster to figure out the chord or remember what that other song was to compare

i wonder how much time i've spent inside of castles in video games, cumulatively, over my entire life

I took the rest of this week off, with the thought that it’s going to take around three days to get back down to a normal level of anxiety so if I start now I can enjoy the actual weekend when that comes around

I made some instant hot chocolate and then, while on autopilot and not paying attention, added some salt. It did not make it better

uncommonly good work from the YouTube recommendation algorithm here

3D World is still great too. They changed it so that dying doesn't reset the green stars you've collected so far in the level, and also sped you up significantly; the combination of those things made it feel way easier to me. I got to 👑-👑 with barely any trouble this time. (Champion's Road is still rough, but I got decently far into it within my first couple tries so I feel confident I could polish it off given a bit more time.)

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Bowser's Fury the game is great. I have mixed feelings about Bowser's fury the mechanic, but I think it's mostly okay because the game is so short. It would probably be intolerable in a full-length Mario, but you can do all kinds of stuff in short games before they have time to wear out their welcome (though I suspect even here it'll get annoying before I can 100% it).

Anyway, a big open-world Mario is awesome and I'm excited for the next iteration of that idea

i don't think i ever appreciated quite how much breakfast there is in the first verse of jewel's you were meant for me

I made it to 2021 without doing even a trial of one of the game subscription services but I think I might go in on PC Game Pass

I appreciate Control letting me just turn on immortality in the options menu because I do not have the patience to get good at a video game right now

i typoed "how long to beat" as "how long to eat" and i have a new website idea

the best part about this is that I never actually played a rocket league match—I was just testing out how they handled various cross-platform things

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I got new slippers and when I put my feet together they make a bear

Success! Man, this thing is a monster. I ran FH4 and it was like it didn't notice—I don't think the fans did anything more than when it's idling. Maybe it's time I tried Flight Simulator!

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I look forward to asking you all to “smash that bell” at the end of each of my posts

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