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I tried making Impossible meat for the first time, but it seems the smell of it cooking makes me nauseous. I had to open the windows and Febreze my kitchen and sheepishly swap back to real meat…

I planned to “clean” this weekend but I sublimated that into digital cleaning. Vacuum remains untouched but my Downloads folder is pristine

Seeing it again nine years later, I still don't think any of the Mass Effect 3 endings really work for me…the one where every living thing gets instantly covered in glowing green circuit boards feels especially goofy

I think it’s possible to have a ‘bad bath,’ in the same way you can have a bad nap. I came out of the tub less relaxed

today my manager was like “hey I saw your tweet about burnout and…same” (in so many words) which I guess is good

I want to see the Trails game with the Tales budget

damn y'all ever tear up at a PODCAST


sometimes the youtube algorithm gives me the most inexplicable recommendations, but today out of nowhere I got this video of a concert I was actually at from eight years ago

day one of vacation: i read nine volumes of manga in one sitting

i guess the implicit message of the 9pm work message that begins "you don't have to answer this tonight" is "someday you'll get one of these and you WILL have to answer it that night"

but i won't, because i have not had notifications active on my phone for like ten years now

My general rule when I'm on the phone with my parents is to not be the one to hang up first, since I figure that's the least I can do…but I may need to amend that to "don't hang up first unless two hours have passed"

hmmm i think i need to invent some new things to look forward to

I got a new desk in February and only brought my old one down to the curb this week—it had been sitting in the middle of my kitchen for six months. And yet, every weekend I still make an aspirational todo list of chores

i almost threw this out by accident—it was at the bottom of a box of merch that i ordered, mixed in with the packing material

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I have a corkboard that I'm using for a project, but I don't have a good wall space to put it on so instead I just lay it flat on my bed when I need it, but sometimes little bits of cork come off the back because it's cheap and thin, so when it's hot out like now and I've taken everything off my bed except the sheets I need to go get the quilt first to lay down so I don't get bits of cork in my sheets, and sometimes I don't want to get the quilt so I don't do anything

I really want to like Project Highrise since I was into SimTower years ago, but I think needing to place wiring and plumbling closets on every floor and run electricity, phone, water, HVAC, etc. to every unit is one level of fidelity more than I was looking for. Glad that elevators seem to be less of a pain though

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