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nothing makes me happier than to see so many dishes/bugs/etc in my replies that i can't keep up 🥲

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

years ago i worked with a guy who referred to tweeting as "coming out with a new sentence." as in "did you see that new sentence shaq came out with yesterday"

it's been long enough since I made a one-off doctor's appointment over the phone that I googled a script from an ESL learning website for reference so I didn't end up saying something like "hello! doctor please!" by accident

I bet there are at least a half dozen companies I could do a pristine podcast ad read for, just off the cuff

Elden Ring at ~35 hours 

I think I’m getting decent! I’d made it through Stormveil/Godrick in one go without dying, and tonight I did the same for Raya Lucaria/Rennala. And I’ve done a whole bunch of other miscellany (NPC invasions, dungeons, etc), some of which was quite difficult. I feel more confident now that I can get through this if I want to.

I’m still unsure whether I do want to, though. It requires such a high degree of unbroken concentration that it feels more stressful than enjoyable…

hello to the new and returning folks fleeing from twitter, even if temporarily 👋

enjoying this Discord bug on macOS that turns this X green


Watching Bo Burnham’s Inside a year later and thinking about how his wish to kill himself and wake up again in eighteen months wouldn’t have even worked

I was interested to check out Mastodon 3.5's new Explore page, but it seems that all it does is tell me nothing is trending right now. I guess maybe it's intended for larger instances

Got an email YESTERDAY asking me to continue a series of blog posts about Zelda music from ~15 years ago

Maybe I should've just kept writing about video game music this whole time eh

They did btw. I downloaded it in case it suddenly costs him a thousand dollars to host it and he takes it down. Who knows—maybe I will need to see him make the knife again someday

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When I read about the stuff going down with Vimeo, my reaction was "dang, I hope they still have the one video I liked from ~10 years ago of that guy making that knife." It was the only thing I could remember watching on there

Like a lot of gacha games, Genshin Impact will eventually guarantee the item/character you want after enough pulls, and I'm very close to being able to do that right now. Ironically, scrounging up premium currency by engaging with features I don't normally touch has been pretty fun, and is actually _disincentivizing_ me from spending any money. I would be skipping the good part!

Destroyed on a work call by someone noticing I was wearing an Earthbound shirt AND hat

Even if XOXO doesn't happen again this year (or ever!) I still wanna go back to Portland and spend an entire vacation just puttering around in Washington Park

“Dan, Engineering Like Science But Real” – spam email subject line

To rent a movie from Apple I open “iTunes Store,” an app where neither word in the name represents what I’m doing. Then to watch it I open the app “TV,” even though I am neither watching a television show nor watching on a television

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It's finally done. Here's 4000 words on how one weird family had to choose: do we nurture a generation of explosive creative talent that are pioneering a new medium? Or do we neglect and squander all the talent we've attracted in order to put all of our resources into getting our asshole brother's dumb idea turned into a big-budget Hollywood movie? blog.information-superhighway.

(spoiler: they picked the movie, it's got Owen Wilson in it)

blockchain bs 

this is a fun interview where a Kickstarter exec, as expected, shows that he has no earthly idea what he's talking about

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