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Apple killed the iPod on Harmonix's anniversary, rude

(Unrelatedly: looking through the list of recommended links at the bottom, I think I hadn’t realized just how much momentum Substack and other newsletters have among people who write things online. I feel like I’m out of touch for not wanting more emails!)

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Bummed that the Barnes and Noble downtown is closing. It's weird to think of them as the little guy getting pushed out, but maybe that's residue from You've Got Mail back in the 90s

As a New Yorker, my face is going to get stuck like the sickos.jpg guy seeing the Sox losing like this

According to my weather app, the temperature will double by next weekend

This is one of the coolest blog posts (articles? webpages?) I've ever seen. I feel like I just went to a great museum exhibit!

My local supermarket has been slowly renovating over the past couple months, which means every time I go everything is in a different spot and a different set of aisles is closed or bare. I feel like I'm in a shittier Control

I stopped caring about Mother 3 localization years ago, but after Reggie outed himself as a blockchain-ass monetize-my-Animal-Crossing-island guy I’m in favor of haranguing him about it anyway for the rest of his life. Keep asking him when it’s coming even when he’s been out of games for fifteen years and is just a Raytheon board member or some shit

At the same time, I have a Notes section on my website (inspired by reading posts on ‘digital gardens’ and the like) and that still has barely any content after many months. Maybe getting some more pages in there can be a May project. I still like the idea, even if I haven’t executed on it yet…

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One thing I've been doing for the past couple years: at the end of every month I make myself write about a few media things I enjoyed recently. That way my blog isn't completely fallow if I don't have anything else I want to post (which seems to be most of the time, lately).

Anyway, here's April:

Even rougher in the Nats-Giants booth 😬 Well, I’m sure they’ll all get better with time. Just like Siri!

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First time watching Apple’s baseball coverage tonight. It’s not bad! Main complaint so far is that the folks doing the call are a little overbearing with the chatter, but I could say the same about Kay. Nice to hear different people, at least

[walking at the front of a group of friends and seeing dog shit on the sidewalk] hey watch out, there’s some environmental storytelling over here

Not that I’m in the market for a PS4 bundle anyway, but it’s a shame that the split publishing between XSEED and NISA means it’s unlikely an English version of this is ever released…

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Dang, what a life-ruiner of a box set. What is this, 400 hours’ worth of Trails? 😅

I love a good uselessly specific baseball stat. Just learned Aaron Judge is now the third Yankee to homer on his thirtieth birthday

nothing makes me happier than to see so many dishes/bugs/etc in my replies that i can't keep up 🥲

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

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