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shoutout to the youtube algorithm for giving me bebop recorder today

If you watch a home Yankees win on TV and you want to replicate the in-stadium experience, it's important to play the Sinatra twice in a row so you get the stomach-churning effect of returning to the original key on the repeat

compromise: i'll comment my code, but it will all be in character as admin from da share zone

love when someone runs an ad on youtube but doesn’t have their intro situation locked down, so i can hit the skip button while they’re still showing some publisher or distributor’s logo and i never find out what their product is

damn, glad someone finally told them about this option

I’m lying in bed and need to get up to brush my teeth so I can actually go to sleep, but first I have to find the perfect YouTube video to have on

I'm already scheming a way to make a little vacation out of it and see, like, three of these

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as someone who once got partway towards figuring out what it would cost to see Ichiko Aoba live in England, seeing US tour dates (including one I could walk to if I wanted!) feels pretty incredible

tourist: “Excuse me, can you tell me which way Faneuil Hall is?”

me, after spending too much time reading filler paragraphs at the top of SEO-optimized webpages: “Many people have enjoyed visiting Boston, Massachusetts, one of the most historic cities in the New England region, especially when looking for favorite travel destinations. But it can be difficult to find your way around an unfamiliar location, which is why you may have trouble locating the attraction Faneuil Hall. Not to worry, thou

One of my favorite little private games is going to the museum and trying to be the only person in a gallery for a full minute (bonus points if you can do it for longer)

Today: two minutes at the MFA, in a heavily trafficked area, on a holiday weekend _while they had free admission_. Just absolute domination. I’m ready to take this on the road and be alone with the Mona Lisa

i thought i might try the pomodoro technique and figured there was probably an app i could use for the timer, but i didn't trust any of the apps i saw because they seemed like they could be creepy personal information vacuums. so, i made my own app instead of doing the thing i was planning to use pomodoro for in the first place

I'm not upset by it or anything—makes total sense for websites to follow the interests of their staff/readers—but it's kinda wild that only one of these articles above the fold is actually about a video game

Tried an experiment where I subscribed to every site Kottke recommended in his farewell-for-now post (as long as it had a feed) and then pruned the ones I wasn't reading. This is the result after two weeks

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"He was not only the greatest of baseball writers; he had also lived long enough to see Babe Ruth, of the Yankees, at one end of his life and Shohei Ohtani, of the Angels, at the other."

I admit, I'm intrigued by this facial expression. Not enough to watch a two-hour video (is part one also two hours??), but still

Realized tonight that of the four places I've ever seen a MLB game, two are already gone (old Yankee Stadium, Shea). Arguably Camden Yards too, with that travesty they enacted in left field


the good news is that I don't need eye surgery; the bad news is that I have a sword of damocles situation now where I might suddenly need eye surgery at any moment for the rest of my life 🙃

Today the receptionist at the doctor's office asked about my job while making conversation, and I tell you what…mentioning Fortnite provokes a sort of response that Rock Band never did. "My daughter's always asking me for money for that!"

"The search engine calculates a score that aggressively favors text-heavy websites, and punishes those that have too many modern web design features."

got to check in on Dhalsim's favorite Cambridge spot today

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