Coinbase is a mission focused company… and that mission is to minimize shareholder value 😌

everyone meet my son, cliff. he’s a focaccia with rosemary, garlic, and sea salt. he’s not adopted; i made him myself today!

sauman aux lentilles, a classic french pairing. i chose some beautiful king salmon and cooked up a batch of deliciously woodsy, herby, mustardy, bright lentils

another pizza night!

1: veggie supreme. mozzarella, red sauce, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, basil, provolone crust
1.5: same but with olive
2. classic pep. mozz, red sauce, hot soppressata, basil, provolone crust
2.5: “impossible burger”. cheddar, ketchup, mustard, seared impossible crumbles, diced onion, b&b pickles, sesame seeds, cheese curd crust.

thanks to for the burger pizza idea. it was a big hit!

impossible piri piri meatballs, with the sauce mixed with extra tart icelandic yogurt to make a sauce better suited for pasta. i think that, in meatball form, it’s a bit easier to tell it’s not meat… but who cares? delicious!

this was gonna be my second time making pan pizza, but something went awry. six hours out of the fridge and way too little activity. there goes tonight’s dinner ☹️

made some rigatoni alla vodka with mushrooms for dinner! it’s a really quick and easy sauce, and it turned out delicious. y’know what’s not delicious though? cops. ACAB

sourdough detroit pizza night!

Pizza 1: veggie supreme. provolone, mozz, cacio roma, mushroom, peppers, onion. half with olives.
Pizza 2: classic pepperoni. mozz, cacio roma, hot sopressata, fresh basil.

Pizza 2.5: elotes, japanese style! mozz, roasted corn, cotija, kewpie mayo, togarashi, cilantro.

thanks to for generously sharing his recipe and techniques!

whoever popularized calling it “sourdough discard” made a mistake; don’t throw it away! use it for biscuits, crackers, pancakes… easiest thing to do? pour it right into a hot pan and sprinkle scallions and sesame seeds over it. easy scallion pancake!

first time making my own ramen broth!! i made a recent BA recipe with a thick shiitake broth and, of course, fresh noodles. really happy with my ajitsuke tamago too!

pretty nice weeknight dinner! buttermilk brined all day and then roasted, served on a buttermilk and sour cream dressing with sautéed leeks

my presentation isn’t as pretty as’s (i blame a lack of plantain chips) but it doesn’t matter because her Mojo Meatballs recipe is one of the tastiest i’ve made during quarantine

chilaquiles rojos! easy weeknight breakfast when you don’t make your own sauce or fry your own tortilla chips. i did pickle the shallots though! 😂

dinner tonight! casarecce with butter roasted tomato sauce and generous gobs of ricotta

getting a lot of use out of my starter this weekend 🥰🧫🦠 layered with ricotta and maine blueberry jam!

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