just opened up a bag of tea that only brews 80ml of tea. the absolute nerve

oh don’t mind me, im just deploying prod at 8pm on a sunday. nothing to see here!

about to willingly use Single Table Inheritance in a Rails app and i’m wondering what in my life has lead me to this moment

☕️ just cut open a new bag of beans and brewed a perfect shot on my first try 🥴 this is one of those moments where i should go out and buy a lottery ticket right?

Coinbase is a mission focused company… and that mission is to minimize shareholder value 😌

apparently someone subscribed to my blog feed in GitHub’s slack ages ago and now that i’m using my blog to post my tweets, all my dumb little posts are spamming one of their slack channels 😎

i was already deeply tired of seeing lots of Depp v. Heard videos pushed onto my TikTok feed but the sheer number of memes just keeps intensifying. i am begging the gods for sweet release. please stop showing these to me, i do not want to see them

@jonnyborbs Ohhhkay that sounds very suspect if it's doing that… I may contact our IT person and see if/how to look at Falcon's logs the next time it happens

@jonnyborbs I don't see `falcond` in my processes but I do see Falcon.app so it seems that we use it

@jonnyborbs its like the keyboard completely dies when this happens. can't plug it back into the mac unless i reboot. next time it happens i should try to plug it into my PC to see if it's usable. i think it's probably not necessarily the keyboard that's dying, but something on my Mac or some connection that can't get brought back up.

i do think the firmware is up-to-date, unless Glorious released a new version really recently; i didnt start using it until a few weeks ago, so i updated it then

@jonnyborbs We use Kandji for device management, but I don't have any input lag normally. It's only after my GMMK Pro becomes unresponsive and I unplug it to try to use the built-in keyboard that I have that kind of weirdness

@jonnyborbs i do wonder if Karabiner is causing it and not the keyboard itself. it happens infrequently enough that i can't reproduce it easily

@jonnyborbs how's the GMMK Pro working on Mac for you anyway? i've been having a frustrating issue lately where it'll suddenly become unresponsive but in a way where it behaves like a key is stuck.

and then even if i unplug the keyboard, the built-in keyboard won't behave properly (input lag and occasional keystrokes get dropped). i literally have to reboot the entire computer when it happens

@jonnyborbs to make the function keys work like the normal media keys without having to hold whatever's mapped to "Fn"? i use Karabiner Elements karabiner-elements.pqrs.org

@dominic the official app has some really odd quirks like that and not showing local or federated timelines… the intent isnt to push people to create multiple accounts, i think it’s just due to how Mastodon’s creator uses the service mastodon.social/@Gargron/10812

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