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sourdough detroit pizza night!

Pizza 1: veggie supreme. provolone, mozz, cacio roma, mushroom, peppers, onion. half with olives.
Pizza 2: classic pepperoni. mozz, cacio roma, hot sopressata, fresh basil.

Pizza 2.5: elotes, japanese style! mozz, roasted corn, cotija, kewpie mayo, togarashi, cilantro.

thanks to for generously sharing his recipe and techniques!

whoever popularized calling it “sourdough discard” made a mistake; don’t throw it away! use it for biscuits, crackers, pancakes… easiest thing to do? pour it right into a hot pan and sprinkle scallions and sesame seeds over it. easy scallion pancake!

first time making my own ramen broth!! i made a recent BA recipe with a thick shiitake broth and, of course, fresh noodles. really happy with my ajitsuke tamago too!

pretty nice weeknight dinner! buttermilk brined all day and then roasted, served on a buttermilk and sour cream dressing with sautéed leeks

my presentation isn’t as pretty as’s (i blame a lack of plantain chips) but it doesn’t matter because her Mojo Meatballs recipe is one of the tastiest i’ve made during quarantine

chilaquiles rojos! easy weeknight breakfast when you don’t make your own sauce or fry your own tortilla chips. i did pickle the shallots though! 😂

dinner tonight! casarecce with butter roasted tomato sauce and generous gobs of ricotta

getting a lot of use out of my starter this weekend 🥰🧫🦠 layered with ricotta and maine blueberry jam!

first time making my own pizza dough went surprisingly well! did a cold fridge ferment for a week with two dough balls. made a white pie (sour cream base, mozz, mushrooms, caramelized onions, blue cheese) and a margherita (half with mole-spiced sopressata). i’ll adjust the broiler height for next time and make sure i go easy on the red sauce, but i can’t believe how good this was for a first attempt! came home with a surprise today and now we have three baby chocobos???? omggggggggg 😭🐥

use ya leftovers! chopped smoked rib. bbq beans. soft scrambled eggs. shreddar. scallion. on a three sisters blue nixtamal tortilla.

holy shit this is the coolest birthday present ever!!! thanks to and, Radon Canyon has a brand new sign 😎

leave it to to have the prettiest AND best smelling package i’ve received in a long time 😂 thanks for the aquavit! skål!

PERFECTION. thanks so much to for patiently guiding me through my first loaf!!!

‪baby’s first sourdough loaf!!! it got a little too much color in those peaks… but it still look so amazing! 🥰

walked by on my way back from a run and was bummed to see they closed down too. but they left out a basket of free fruit and i felt so lucky because i really want a banana cake for my birthday and i wasn’t sure where to buy already-ripe bananas in these uncertain times. thanks,!!!

risotto alla carbonara — riso carnaroli. guanciale. pecorino romano. egg yolk. pretty diggity dang good for a middle-of-the-week dinner!

i’ve been getting into tinned fish (best fish) more and saw post about this white tuna belly on twitter. perfect for the kind of simple lunch it deserves… some baguette from one of my favorite local bakers (, some olives, and a little cheese (just on the side) 😋

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