Paid too much for a vintage copy of Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64/128, but still glad to have it. ML fundamentals are not hard to figure out, but mastery requires experience. I like to read code by others to see what I’m missing—and what I’m not missing.

Vintage computer books are going for crazy money these days.

Add to that the crazy current international shipping costs and they really do become personal treasures once acquired. :)

@notawizard @dddaaannn You are not kidding about prices of books. I bought my copy of 6502 Assembly Language by Lance Leventhal for 85p plus postage in 2016. Now you can't get a decent copy for less than £40 plus postage.

@GedgeHead @dddaaannn
About 3 years ago I gave *all* of my retro computers and books to a friend for NZ$500.
The books alone are probably worth 4-5 times that now in today's market.

They're worth more than buttcoin! I could have bought a lambo! 😭

@notawizard @dddaaannn
I've used PDF book printing services now and again for out-of-print books that are overpriced or just plain impossible to find physical copies. That's how I have a copy of Mapping the Commodore 64 and 64C which has been very handy.

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