The HELP key is just a fast way to enter the HELP command. I would guess applications could re-map it to their own internal HELP systems but I don't know.

Just shows how little time I've spent with the C128. Gotta remedy that! The Mega65 also has a HELP key that does the same.

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What is the Mega65 interpreter based on?
Did they go with Commodore BASIC 7, or extend BASIC 2 with a few extras, or is it wholely its own thing?

@notawizard It's BASIC 10.0 from the official C65 ROM (licensed, with improvements). I gather it's mostly the C128's BASIC 7 with nine more commands, and the Mega65 team added a few more to control the virtual disk stuff from a BASIC program (MOUNT, DIR, BACKUP, possibly others, and an Easter egg).

Oh very cool. 👍
Have you discovered the easter egg?

And actually at first glance of that screenshot, the colours and the narrow text made me think it was an AmigaBASIC screen. :)

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