I wrote about how I contributed a feature to the ROM: the ability to undo accidentally pressing the Home key. This is the first time I've written assembly language for an actual product! Party face! 🥳


I've had my new personal computer for a month so far, and I love it. It's a spiritual successor to the Commodore 64 and 128 in every way.


🎉 I made a Twitter bot that announces activity from the Filehost, including new and updated files and new articles! Follow it here:

I don't currently have plans to have it also post to Mastodon, but I'll read up on Mastodon.py and keep it in mind. lmk if that'd be useful to you personally.

Let me know what you think! 💫

I wrote a Welcome Guide for new owners! It's a supplement to the User's Guide that captures the gap between the factory-installed software and current state of things, providing a smooth on-ramp to long-term enjoyment. Feedback welcome! dansanderson.com/mega65/welcom

@notawizard It's BASIC 10.0 from the official C65 ROM (licensed, with improvements). I gather it's mostly the C128's BASIC 7 with nine more commands, and the Mega65 team added a few more to control the virtual disk stuff from a BASIC program (MOUNT, DIR, BACKUP, possibly others, and an Easter egg).

The HELP key is just a fast way to enter the HELP command. I would guess applications could re-map it to their own internal HELP systems but I don't know.

Just shows how little time I've spent with the C128. Gotta remedy that! The Mega65 also has a HELP key that does the same.

The Commodore 128 has a dedicated key labeled HELP, and if you just press it it prints "HELP" and does nothing. It's actually a way to locate an error in a BASIC program! After a program exits with an error, the "HELP" command displays the line and highlights where it happened.

Having a fantastic time with the new , a modern recreation of the Commodore 65, the legendary unreleased successor to the Commodore 64. Injection molded case, vintage keyboard layout, 3-1/2” floppy drive, classic cartridge port, C65 OS with BASIC and a C64 compatibility mode, 40 MHz. HDMI and VGA out, microSD card, Ethernet, modern fixes to vintage bugs, Cherry kbd switches. FPGA-based, can run other “cores” including a full C64 core (work in progress). Vibrant, nascent community.

I want to bring attention to #Calypsi which is a C and assembly compiler toolchain that supports #6502 #65816 and #68000 processors. calypsi.cc/

It runs on Mac/Win/Linux and has direct support for building programs for #C64 and #c256foenix machines with serial port debugging (maybe not working on C64, yet). It comes with excellent user manuals for each architecture, this is the 6502 manual: tinyurl.com/mw8rfzb5

#retrocomputing #assembly #compiler #c #c99

@trevorfsmith I've used Python more than any other programming language so I might be biased. :) Seems like Go is getting popular for cmdline also but I haven't touched it yet. lmk if you have Python questions! (You can ignore my "tool box library" suggestion easily enough.)

@trevorfsmith I also use click for argument parsing, which I find easier to use than argparse. I'm a big fan of self-documenting command line multitools (`tool subcmd --args...`, `tool subcmd --help`). click.palletsprojects.com/en/8

@trevorfsmith Python goes a long way, especially with Prompt Toolkit. I keep my personal tools in a "tool box" library: Github repo, setup.py, and library dev accoutrements like subdirs and unit tests. I install with `python3 -m pip install --user -e tools`, which installs dependencies and puts commands ("entry points") in the command path and libs in the load path. Everything is available from IPython or Jupyter notebook. Easy to install on new machines.

Apple’s backhanded PR language has always fascinated me. This announcement about discontinuing the iPod is three paragraphs that don’t mention the iPod and one sentence about how “customers can purchase iPod touch.” apple.com/newsroom/2022/05/the

… Hmm, Micro.blog for iOS failed to attach photos, jank attachment UI. And I can’t cross-post in a thread-like fashion to Twitter. I may need to build my own cross-poster. 🤔

Paid too much for a vintage copy of Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64/128, but still glad to have it. ML fundamentals are not hard to figure out, but mastery requires experience. I like to read code by others to see what I’m missing—and what I’m not missing.

@notawizard @thomasfuchs ... That said I am also aware that ease of publishing, esp. from a mobile client with good phone camera media handling, is a huge draw for me and microblog sites. I hope my final solution can leverage both.

@notawizard @thomasfuchs I'm keen on static site generators cuz I have fantasies of doing all kinds of custom content types, and I love handmade CMSes in general. Like most people my brain is bigger than my stomach on that kind of thing. I spent an entire sabbatical building a Gatsby site from scratch including custom plugins, then never launched it. Now I'm pretty sure I want to use Hugo and have a practice site on my desktop. 😅

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