Happy new year and MC all! 😊 I have a tiny confession to make: dn.ht/mc-to-you/

I wrote this little guide to help vim beginners level up their skills a bit: dn.ht/intermediate-vim/ … please enjoy! 😊

I climbed to the summit of Angel Island in San Francisco Bay today. ⛰🌁😊

I gave this talk today about my journey with Interactive Fiction.. and about how to make stories, games and art—but also more serious stuff such as prototyping and helping with personal well-being. youtube.com/watch?v=c-8MX-a4rs

Hello! I'm Dennis from Melbourne Australia. I enjoy making silly and pointless things for the web such as pickle.cat/ and dn.ht/3dme/ 😆.. I'll be an XOXO newbie so please say hello! 😊


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