it just occurred to me that this everything bagel sandwich i'm eating has most of the ingredients of guacamole

Omg I'm so glad they skipped that weird Maroon 5-sounding cover of Sex & Candy

Excuse me, flat. I have to not pass out as soon as I walk through the door of my flat.

I barely slept and I'm so overstimulated that I maybe can't feel my fingers? 2pm can't get here soon enough.

I only have to make sure I don't pass out as soon as I get through the door of my apartment. Got invited to a gathering but I can't imagine being a good guest at this point. I'm so tired/wired I'm like a glossy magazine column/Mastodon meme.

I did surprisingly no reading on this trip. Didn't watch any movies either. I just listened to TANIS for hours upon hours.

(h/t of sorts to @rustyk5 for the rec/reminder)

lol I'm already sweating and shaking why did I buy this espresso

I completely forgot about how it takes 30 minutes to get anywhere in a city.

Thing I didn't know until recently: in America so many train stations are called "Union Station" not because of a Civil War thing but because private railroads used to operate their own private stations. At some point they consolidated and shared a station, hence "Union". America's first Union Station is in Indianapolis.

another reminder: if you use WhatsApp and you expect it to be secure, you should make 100% sure you have "Show security notifications" TURNED ON!

go to Settings -> Account -> Security -> Show security notifications

got a new phone because the old one was crashing 10+ times a day.

just a heads up:

if you chat with me on WhatsApp or Signal, I will have new safety numbers.

elevator pitch 

elevator pitch 

fyi they were totally still there when I went back for them so mission hella accomplished

accidentally brought two pocketknives and two vape cartridges with me to a federal building. ended up literally stashing them in a bush outside.

holy high school, Batman!

things I don't want to do today:
☑️ go to work
☑️ be responsible in any way
☑️ move quickly or intentionally in any direction at any speed

Sometimes the most "cyberpunk" thing of all is simple kindness to others.

I'm in a Catholic church and I'm feeling really uncomfortable about it

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