What About Tomorrow? is an oral history of Russian punk music and culture, from the embattled Soviet era to Pussy Riot. Get an early copy by backing our Kickstarter project: kickstarter.com/projects/micro

We just made these enamel pronoun pins with contrasting colors/shapes and I'm basically gonna wear mine everywhere. (My fave thing about them is that the He/Him one is hot pink.) microcosmpublishing.com/search

Currently on repeat: Romeo Void's It's a Condition. Amazing feminist album of the early 80s. youtube.com/watch?v=xuFemCOVLg

We're kickstarting a book about healthy relationships and sex. It's super inclusive, queer AF, sciency, and a swift kick to the patriarchy. kickstarter.com/projects/micro

I can't stop watching this video of four Russians wearing a bus costume in order to cross a vehicle-only bridge. My people! globalnews.ca/news/4659289/rus

My first promotional mastodon post... is about our Kickstarter project for Portland Stair Walks, aka, discovering PDX's coolest back ways & views while perpetually out of breath. kickstarter.com/projects/micro

more train stuff 

I love being on the train when it's running late. It feels like stealing a chunk of time out of the hands of life's usual busy-ness. Everything slows down, the hours feel like a bonus, nothing seems urgent anymore. And I like the way people react. Some people freak out at first but one by one they eventually all accept the reality that we're stuck on this train that is going at exactly the speed it's going, and there's a cozy social feeling like you get on a snow day or holiday.

My train just tried and failed to do a "duck & tuck" maneuver -- pulling into a siding behind a freight train, then backing out after another freight train passes. But we didn't fit. So now we are following the train in the siding very slowly, indefinitely. The outlook for bonus time on the train tomorrow is looking better and better.

The last thing I want to say is that the dog is sleeping in a really adorable position. I would never say that on Twitter. Or anything of even a vaguely personal nature, really. So thanks for listening and letting these moments pass by.

Now I'm editing a graphic novel and diary-tooting at y'all from a train in the middle of the great plains. Life is magic sometimes.

I'm on an Amtrak train that left 40 minutes late -- giving us the perfect amount of time to have a leisurely breakfast before boarding. The power of slowness!

Intro! I'm Elly, a book publisher in Portland. I'm the co-owner of Microcosm, and I invented a micro-genre: feminist bicycle science fiction—I'm editing the anthology about dragons right now. I travel a ton for work and Kickstart a ton of books. I'm a little baffled by this new social media platform but loving the way it feels like Twitter in 2008 but with slightly less imposter syndrome on my part. It's good to meet you all!


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