I can’t think of a single good reason for Facebook to delete old crossposts from Twitter other than spite.

@fraying I know you’re thinking, so what, they’re both terrible, who cares? But in over two decades in the community biz I’ve seen Facebook’s bad behavior get normalized by other companies. If they can batch delete your posts and conversations on a corporate whim, that sets a terrrrrible precedent.

And Facebook’s whole “we’re looking into it” response here is a lie. They did this on purpose. There’s no other reasonable explanation. Those were posts that already existed in their databases and did not require any API access to Twitter to display.

@fraying so now it seems like it was a glitch and they’re blaming Twitter for their fuckup. Still smells fishy to me. But whatever. Those two deserve each other.

@fraying whadya wanna bet they spin it as a security issue... "too many Russian bots xposting from Twitter... we owe it to our users to protect them..."

@fraying true, but perhaps not the thinnest spin we've ever seen from them.

I have to say, I've never regretted closing my FB account.

@fraying actually, sorry, I just read TFA, and they basically said exactly that, in a much more circuitous way.

@fraying This is not a good reason, but somehow I bet some folks on some team royally fucked this up & caused a cascade of deletions. It’s either that or spite.

@fraying for me it proves once again you are not really the owner of the conversationspace on these networks. Both Facebook and Twitter. But... The same thing could happen on Mastodon or any other service that saves your messages. How to prevent this? Constant local backups? Instances of 1?

@fraying Maybe retaliation for Twitter blocking cross posting from Instagram?

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