What’s happening to @wilw is shameful and a classic example of using tools that are supposed to be for protecting users to persecute one instead. A strong community leader would shut this shit down. The guy has only contributed positively to Mastodon. If the Masto community continues to eat itself in this way, it will only become a smaller, shittier, angrier Twitter.

@fraying @wilw OMG, I am so sorry that this has happened. This is awful. I thought that the point of Mastodon was to NOT be like Twitter. :(

@fraying @wilw so reporting people for making tiny jokes or simply inoffensive comments about star treck for "harrassment" and trying to use his fame to influence moderators is contributing positively? Then I'd say the community is giving back his positivity with his own same method of spreading it and I'm pretty sure they all agree there are better ways to get positivity and definitely better definitions of "contributing positively to Mastodon".

Also please call it Fediverse.
Or Mastodon Network™ if you feel like joking about the media's misrepresentation of the platform's role in the Fediverse.

@hellpie @wilw thanks for proving my point.

Smaller, shittier, angrier Twitter.

@courtney can you point me to anything written about this? Because all I can find is him using somebody else’s blocklist that happened to include some trans people, and him then stopping using it.

@fraying there’s was good summary in the slack channel, including that incident (which is not how I would describe it) — essentially, repeatedly promoting transphobic people transphobic.

@fraying 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Sorry you feel that way, but I’m not prioritizing cis feelings about this

@courtney I haven’t discussed my feelings. And you’re the one who slid into my mentions.

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