Hey. Yesterday kinda sucked. Let’s make better decisions today. Here’s a bunny.

@fraying How is the tiny bunny doing? (Other than 'exceedingly cutely'?)

@suw All signs point to "thriving," which is a minor miracle. This is day 17.

@fraying I am so glad to hear that Tiny Bunny is doing so well!! Baby bunnies are so adorable. I'd have a pet bunny if I didn't prize my TV/computer cables so highly.

@suw You can wrap your cords in pipe foam so they can't chew through them and OMG WHY DO I KNOW THIS I'M A BUNNY PERSON NOW SEND HELP

@fraying Send help... in the form of more bunnies?

@fraying Awwwww! Head a splode with cute! That's just tooooo adorable! Wish I could pop round and help feed her!


*selects toot*

*selects picture*

*enlarges picture to fill phone screen*

*never touches phone again*

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