I have been notified by an Admin here that they are getting 60 reports a day about my account. As far as I can tell, I'm not breaking any rules, and I've done my best to be a good person here. But this admin is going to suspend my account.

It's the Admin's instance, so I fully support their choice to eliminate a source of frustration, but something to consider: a person who is doing nothing wrong can be run off one instance by a mob from another instance. That seems ... not cool. 1/x

But it's been made very, very clear to me that I am not welcome in the Fediverse, and I hear you. I hoped to find an alternative to the birdsite where I could find the same fun community that existed over there in the beginning, and it's clear to me that I won't be finding that. Before I leave, I want to just make something very clear, because I've spent most of my life being yelled at by people who don't know me at all, and I want the record to be clear. 2/x

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During GamerGate, I was dogpiled and mobbed and brigaded and attacked by thousands of accounts. I started using a blocklist that was supposed to help stop that. I did not know that the blocklist I signed up for also had a lot of trans women on it. When I found out, I did everything I could to remove those women from the list I shared. When there were still innocents on the list, I stopped sharing the list entirely. Despite this, a mob has decided that I'm anti-trans. 3/x

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This lie that I am anti-trans, or anti-LGBQ, is deeply hurtful to me (I know it's nothing like the pain LGBTQ people deal with every day, as they simply try to *exist* in a world that treats them so badly, but it is still hurtful in its own way to me). I just want to make it extremely clear: that is a lie, and the people spreading it are misinformed.

So I'm leaving the Fediverse, which has treated me with more cruelty, vitriol, hatred, and contempt than than anyone on the birdsite ever did. 4/x

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I know that I'm well-off, well-known, and as a CIS white hetro dude in America, I live life on the lowest difficulty setting. I know that I have very little to complain about.
But I still have feelings, and I really do care about the world and the people in it. What I see is a lot of anger and cruelty directed at the IDEA of me, from people who I just hope don't realize that it really does hurt me, in my heart, to be accused of being someone I am not, and to be the target of a hateful mob. 5/x

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Anyway, take your victory lap and collect your prizes. You've made it clear that I'm not welcome here, and even though I disagree with the action this Admin is taking (banning me when I didn't break any rules doesn't seem right), I respect and support the Admin's decision to run their instance the way they see fit.

Please do your very best to be kind to each other. The world is a terrible place right now, and that's largely because it is what we make it.



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@wilw I’m so sorry. Please find an instance with a better admin. Mastodon is better with you in it.

@fraying @wilw Yes! People have been talking about instances specifically for celebrities and/or brands - maybe that's actually what it takes to make Mastodon work for everybody.

@tsturm @fraying Are celebrities not people too? Are they destined always to be treated differently because of _how others treat them_? That's just wrong, imo. If Mastodon can't work for a person who wants to just be a part of a community, but who happens to be famous, then it doesn't work for anyone.

@suw @tsturm @fraying but it DOES work. Don't like your instance on mastodon? Move on to a (cozy, smaller, more personal) instance or set up an instance yourself. At least thats the idea. An interconnected network of social networks with different policies and sentiments. I'm not really sure if this will work in the long run, but - except from Wil's understandable frustration - today there is nothing that actually keeps him from moving to a party in the fediverse where he's welcome.


@itmerc @suw @tsturm Except for the mob that'll just move to harass the next admin, sure.

@fraying @suw @tsturm there’s no way to keep the mob from harassing, so this is a question of resources - a smaller (or self hosted) instance and an admin who is more invested into curating her instance seems to be a better place to be at.
Similar to a huge club where the bouncers just kick out the ass even of the guy who did not start the fight vs. a smaller venue where the patron knows your name and face.

@itmerc @fraying @tsturm You're confusing "nothing can be done" with "nothing is being done".

@itmerc @suw @tsturm Yes, there is a way, it's called community management. That's literally what it's for.

@fraying @suw @tsturm I think we completely agree: If mastodon succeeds the mob will be moved to and over the borders of the fediverse, either within their instances or with their instances by the people managing the instances.
I’m /really/ curious.

@fraying @suw @tsturm so the solution is not only to operate mailservers and mebservers for our friends but even mastodon-instances. And that really reminds me of the times when I had my Fido-point in 2:245/.... :)

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