EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

@fraying that's adorable! I think it's a way to massage milk out?

@fraying I think that's actually her instinctual pumping movement. look at other animal babies, they all do stuff like this to stimulate their mother's teets. (I think, but I can't find a good resource for this now. Probably should search for something else than "baby mammal breast pumping instinct", but too sleepy.)
Still an adorable little fluff :)

@gergolippai it’s cool! I milk goats every day, so I understand the process (and they’re the smartest of asses)

@fraying I believe I have also seen jazz musicians making this gesture, so, yeah, sure, maybe she's doing a mammalian pumping thing, BUT it could be she's got the beat.

@fraying You must post moar bunz pix'n'vidz, BTW. This is the gateway drug for getting one o' mah peeps here.

@fraying She is adorable!! I'm wondering how did you post the video, though.... is it hosted somewhere, or do you upload it somehow? I'm still figuring my way around Mastodon.

@avaspeaksup you can post video here! The file has to be small, tho. Hit the picture icon below the posting box.

@fraying Too cute, I had a baby goat who would do that when I would bottle feed her.

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