Yeah, I used to feel insulted by the term “mansplain” too. I got over it when I realized that we’re trained by school and society to do it, and if we don’t make the term specific to men, we’ll never fucking learn.

Do better, men.

@fraying Here’s a trick, men: if the term doesn’t apply to you, you don’t have to feel offended by it.

If you feel offended by it, maybe that’s because it does apply to you, and maybe you should marinate on that.

@fraying Thanks for saying this. I appreciate hearing this.

@StuC @fraying what would actually be cool is if men listened to women the first time, but that never happens, so we get this.

@fraying I'm not offended by the term. But there are certainly inappropriate uses of the term.

@fraying And it cross-pollinates so well to things like whitesplaining, so nobody needs to feel like they're being singled out 😜

@fraying I went cold the first time I heard it, but I shouldn't have been surprised. My wife called it "little lady-ing" for a few decades before that, infuriated by it for years

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