I used to see myself as Spike but now I realize I’m Jet.

Here’s my turkeys gobbling in slow motion. Because it’s awesome.

Heather took this photo of me and when I saw it my first thought was “grandpa wouldn’t like me wearing a hat indoors.” And then I remembered he wouldn’t like me trimming cannabis, either.

If you’re wondering, I am not a stoner. I grow high CBD cannabis. Four plants as allowed by law in Oregon.

I cure the flowers and use them to make coconut oil-based tinctures and salves. They help me with my insomnia, back pain, and anxiety. And, to be frank, it’s been a miracle for me.

I just ordered a bunch of bumper stickers that look like this.

Everything is terrible in the world except goats. So here’s six goat butts all in a line.

My newfound love for bunnies had to find an outlet. Meet the two newest heartbeats at Milk Barn Farm.

I posted a goat photo earlier today and someone said he was a weird looking cat so here’s three more weird cats.

Good morning from Milk Barn Farm. This is Clover. She’s nice.

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