Her last piece was “Fragile”

“When I did this sketch, I was having an existential crisis, but now I think it feels a little different...”

When I first joined the online world, I was young and so were the creators. It just felt like everyone you follow would still be there. You would log on and you will always see a new post from them. It felt like the online world was shielded away from real life.

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The longer I’ve been online, the more I’ve seen posters be taken away too soon and their accounts go silent. I’ve grown used to that shield being gone. Tombstone accounts are a part of life. I wish it wasn’t tho because it never becomes less of a heartbreak when these tragedies happen.

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It’ll also be a tragedy if these creators are ever forgotten by future digital generations. I hope humanity makes museums, online or real life, to keep alive the memories of these people.

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Recently I’ve been keeping a journal to record major moments I’ve seen online. I want to capture the zeitgeist before servers are shut down, posts are buried, and my browsing history cleared. I don’t want to be left wondering what the Internet was like 10 years from now. I’ve all but forgotten the web of the 00s

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