Wow this blew up. Please check out my newest mixtape: Yelling At Clouds

@nekojanai But that's owned by Automattic now, the same company that makes WordPress. It's kosher compared to Twitter and Facebook

@ilovecomputers wow really? last thing I knew was that Yahoo owned it...

@nekojanai yeah, which verizon bought for billions and then they sold tumblr to WordPress for a few million. Funniest shit ever

WordPress didn't lift the ban on porn tho :(

Tumblr is a good shitpost platform tho

@ilovecomputers That's why Freenet or Zeronet are interesting projects, and in a way, necessary.

@ilovecomputers All of the net? No. A small blogosphere keeps resisting. Under the banner of the Indieweb they seek ways to connect with other [decentralized] systems bringing back some of the fun and joy of tinkering with your very own blog 😁

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