System76 has been in business for years from hardware revenue. Apple doesn’t need to cut 30% from subscriptions and sales from third-parties. It is totally for the benefit of the bottom line and investors

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@ilovecomputers Apple just can't survive without that 30% cut on vbucks sales lol

@ilovecomputers ok but like

could someone other than a monopoly threaten apple's monopoly

@ilovecomputers To be fair tho System76's software is just a fork of Ubuntu whereas Apple builds their stuff from the ground up

@ocean yeah, they even forked coreboot. They’re doing what they can to R&D their own libre hardware. From scratch and this day and age is super pricey X_X

@ilovecomputers I kinda wanna humor them and buy one of their systems but they are so expense and I'd not use their OS anyways so it'd probably not be worth the extra cost

@RecursiveRabbit at least google can argue that users have the option to side load apps

@ilovecomputers @RecursiveRabbit even other app stores.
(disclaimer: Android still sucks though.)

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