@ilovecomputers depressing as fuck.
One more reason to not have Alexa.

@kirjis @ilovecomputers i hate the future, even more so when it keeps the worst things from the past...

@ilovecomputers This just emphasizes the trend of Roombas and autoflush toilets. Inventors making a thing to do the stuff their mother did for them. <joke>

@ilovecomputers hahah I'm not sure if that's better or worse than the video I saw of a kid who didn't respond to her name but did respond if you said alexa

@ilovecomputers the first mistake that mom made was bringing that Alexa device into their home. I鈥檒l never understand how people can feel at ease around them.

@ilovecomputers question is would we be okay with it if the line was "computer, play baby shark" :thonking:

@ilovecomputers This reminds me of the (real or not, I found it funny and a bit creepy) anecdote of toddlers using "Don't forget to subscribe!" as a generic sentence meaning "goodbye".

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