Man learning for first time, shows off his progress after three months of self-teaching without any outside help nor material

Steam Deck arrived and already in awe of the software. Truly I own a Linux machine now

In order to avoid more meta posting, please enjoy this P5.js sketch I made three years ago: “Hopelessly Useless Due to the Circumstances of Floating in the Universe”

This really was the best controller config cause the most common action button is in the center and the auxiliary actions are just off to the sides

uhhh…what do I do? My game is stuck like this…I guess I lose on a technicality

Aw man, NOW I find out someone made an audio visualizer for the touch bar. After I get a MBP without one 😔

The secret to drawing cute fluffy cats is to stack two isosceles trapezoids on top of each other

Every time I return to Newgrounds, I discover talented indie animators such as nikechan. It reminds me of why I keep going back to that site cause works such as these easily get buried on large sites such as youtube or twitter

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