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I know PC gamers have experienced this for a lot longer, but I am just enjoying seeing the smooth motion of native Mac games on a 120Hz display

Here is a timeline of The Web between 2000-2010:

Always appreciate any window into what my digital life was like in the 00s, which is my personal dark ages.

I'm sad to share the news of the death of Corey Marion, one of Iconfactory's founders. Corey was a terrific guy and a very talented artist and I had the honor and privilege of working with him professionally for over 13 years. He'll be greatly missed. 😢

Apple has a new #Pride Watch face this year that’s animated and subtly interactive. I find it a little hard to read, but the creativity is fun. #AppleWatch

The press release for the 1980 edition of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ contained a section with the following praise from the members of Monty Python. The total number of words is 42.

Welp, it’s been three weeks and @bigzaphod is still posting. That exodus really was for real. RIP twitter

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