We took our toddler to child care and now we all have Ebola.

Conferencing with a toddler is hard. Thanks to everyone who showed us a bit more patience than we deserved so we could make it work.

It's possible that "who do you envy" isn't a framing that will lead to emtionally healthy choices.

mental health @ xoxo festival 

1) Hands up if you’re already anxious about meeting all the other attendees who’re actually doing stuff / have actually accomplished things - I am

2) now is about as good a time as any to repeat this mantra/affirmation: ❤️ I am good enough, I will always be good enough, I am more than my accomplishments ❤️

(In last experience you don’t have to believe it for it to helpful)

Pass this on if you think this’ll help etc

Took our toddler camping this weekend and it turns out all the innovations in toddler gear are cribbed from camping gear and all the innovations in camping gear are cribbed from toddler gear.

I had to explain __autorelease to a co-worker today and I'm pretty sure we both left the conversation stupider.

SEA-TAC is a terrifying, smoggy, red-sunned view into our future dystopia but right now.

One things I really miss is Weird Twitter, but I feel like the experience of finding the Weird Mastadon instance would like watching a Cronenburg remake of Lynch's most violent scenes with subtitles by @dril.

Which Mastadon instance is a support group for parents of two-year-olds?

Can we talk about scooters? I like the idea of small, environmental vehicles, but the implementation is pretty terrible and the treatment of anyone saying “maybe don’t put a 20mph vehicle on the sidewalk” is basically to conflate the argument with being part of the car lobby. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to some regulation to arise from this to balance the new uses of the commons.

Getting a ferry reservation in the San Juans for Labor Day weekend is proving more difficult than scoring Hamilton tickets, neither of which I have.

The hell site has at least four identical fake accounts of fired FBI agent rightously indignant which fooled multiple blue checkmarks - in case you were wondering why you were here.


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