Hello! It's me, trying to get back into Mastodon. It takes a few tries for a new social network to take hold, right?

@lubellwoo yea, it takes a while to get used to the new medium, and to find the right people to follow.

@phessler Also the app I was using got discontinued! Time to try something new.

@lubellwoo for android I like Tusky a bunch. On the iphone I use Toot!, but aren't the biggest fan.

Friends tell me the mobile web interface is really good, too.

@phessler I'm poking around Mast on iOS and liking it so far! It's just daunting to try to figure out which of my favorite people from other platforms made the jump/trying to rebuild a reasonable timeline. Looks like a lot of folks had a brief spat of activity 10M ago and have been quiet since.

@lubellwoo I've been on the fediverse for about 2 years, and what usually happens is there are big waves of incoming people every 2-3 months. maybe 10% stay. of those 10%, 10% move *fully* into the network.

I only found 50 or so of the people I followed from twitter on here, and had to find a new mix of people to follow. I'm sure you already know about them, but check out the Local timeline for your instance.

@lubellwoo Lucyyyy!!! :da_la:

It's okay, take your time! And let me know if you need anything. :da_w00t:

@Rheall Hi Fren! How's it been running your instance?

@lubellwoo ComicsCamp.Club has been lovely, with a small and friendly group of regulars. It feels really homey and warm, just what I like. :)

Mastodon.ART has been POPPING OFF the last couple of days! We've had over 1k sign-ups just in the last two days. 🤯 I love it, but oof it's been a lot of work! XD

I'm sorry to hear about that stingray sting! D: Sounds like there might be a good story behind it, though? ^^;

@lubellwoo Glad to have you back around here. Hope it doesn't always take a sting ray to make you post here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@schmittlauch Hahaha, Christ me too. I don't think I could stomach another one of these.

@lubellwoo welcome back! 👋🏻 i'm not sure what the secret to making it stick is, but there certainly are a bunch of lovely people hanging out here these days

@mil There's such an element of...untraining one's brain about this platform? It's a very different type of space to what I've come to use social media for in most contexts, so I think I'm still considering how it would best suit my needs.

@lubellwoo this is absolutely it! I think the more fine grained privacy controls have helped me a lot in the untraining - not everything needs to be for everyone

@lubellwoo it took me three tries and three instances, so no worries

@lubellwoo Yeah, it's like creating a new group of friends after moving to another city. It takes a little bit of extra effort. There are new things to learn. But at the same time, we know how it works. We've done it before.

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